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    The Ultimate Portable Grill


    Introducing Grill Time's The Ultimate Portable Grill.

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    Family grilling in the park.

    This is smokeless grilling on the go! It's perfect for grilling in the park, at the beach, at the big game, really anywhere you want to go!

    Portable grilling is the fastest growing area of the grilling market. We are a mobile society. Social grilling is everywhere and everyone always want to congregate around the grill. Why? Because that's where the food is! Plus, now the chef can be at the party and not on the sidelines.

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    Woman carrying a grill while tailgating.

    What makes this The Ultimate Portable Grill? It's Mobile, and purposely built from the ground up with portability in mind.

    1. Stainless Steel Grate features a center plate. Prevents grease drips from causing flare-ups.
    2. Charcoal Holder Lid holds tight to safely enclose the charcoal.
    3. Perforated Stainless Steel Charcoal Holder neatly stores the charcoal and prevents embers from falling while keeping proper ventilation.
    4. Starter Cup is used to safely ignite starter fluid without direct contact with charcoal.
    5. Stainless Steel Inner Shell distributes heat evenly for a better cook and traps drippings. Easy clean up and dishwasher safe.
    6. Locking Buckle holds components in place to prevent dangerous spills.
    7. Tough Outer Shell stays cool to the touch. You can safely carry the grill when lit and it can be put away 4 minutes after cooking.
    8. On/Off Switch operates the battery powered fan which accelerates initial heating. You're ready to cook in 3-4 minutes. It also controls the temperature during the cooking process.

    Family grilling poolside with a grill parts breakdown.

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    This is a charcoal grill that is as convenient to use as gas. Grill Time uses an All-Natural Hardwood Charcoal that is 100% chemical free instead of briquets which are made with all sorts of chemicals that are potentially cooked into the foods on the grill. Hardwood gives a much higher temperature and it burns longer than other charcoal products.

    When you are finished cooking, clip it safely together, pack it up in its carry case and take it home to clean later. When it comes time to clean it can be completely dismantled making it a snap to clean.

    The Grill Time Portable Grill is the safest and fastest of its kind.

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    Weight: 8.1 lbs
    Dimensions (Top Diameter x Height): 13.7" x 9.2"
    Grill Diameter: 12.5"
    Cooking Area: 124 sq. in.
    Recommended to Serve: Up to 5 people
    Batteries: 4xAA
    Maximum Grilling Time: 40-60 minutes
    Complete with: Nylon Grill Carrying Case, 5.75 oz Bottle Starter Gel, 2.2 lb Bag Charcoal

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