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    Tank Evacuation Vapor Compressor

    Tank Evacuation Vapor Compressor

    Save your expensive truck pump from damage when evacuating tanks in the field at an 8 to 15 GPM flow rate. Uses include on-site upgrading or downgrading size of storage in the field, and emptying cylinders or tanks in need of repair. This compressor transfers liquid by increasing vapor pressure in the tank being emptied and decreasing it in the tank being filled. The liquid can be moved into a bulk truck or another bulk tank.

    Diagram of the vapor compressor set up.

    Using a Portable LP-Gas Compressor

    Use 30w or 40w Non-detergent motor oil.

    Part NumberFuelInlet/Outlet
    H50LPH Propane 1/2" NPT
    K-EPM* 1 HP Explosion Proof Electric Motor 1/2" NPT
    *Complete Unit-Type Indicated

    Replacement Parts

    Part NumberDescription
    16771 Compressor Only
    PK-C Valve/Hose Kit (see chart below for components)
    3X927 Pulley 8" Compressor
    6K041-9 Electric Motor 1 HP
    029-9888 Key Way for Compressor Pulley
    4L390 Replacement Belt
    35411 Shroud

    PK-C Includes:

    Part NumberQtyDescription
    SG100-C 1 Pump Out Adapter w/ 1" Sight Glass
    LPH-1/2X18P 2 18ft. 1/2" hoses w/ends LPH-1/2" X 18P
    LPH-3/4X40P 1 40ft. 3/4" hose w/ends LPH-3/4" X 40P
    3171A 2 1 1/4" F.ACME X 1/2" MPT
    7572C-14A 1 Check Lok Adapter 3/4" MNPT X 3/4" FNPT
    3175 2 1 3/4" F.ACME x 3/4" MPT
    3175B 1 1 3/4" F.ACME X 1/2" MPT
    75900-10 1 Check Lok Adapter (Union Style) 1 5/8" UNF X 3/4" FNPT
    3127U 1 Hydrostatic Relief Valve 450 PSI 1/4" MPT
    7550P 1 Transfer Valve 3/4"
    5765D 1 1 3/4" M.ACME x 3/4" MPT
    600120 1 Coupling SCH 80 3/4"
    A7705P 1 Globe Valve 3/4" FPT
    A7704P 2 Globe Valve 1/2" FPT

    Compressor and Pump Out Adapter.

    Krug makes evacuating tanks in the field a snap...
    saves wear and tear on your bobtails too!

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