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    Radiant Tube Heat - The Economical Way to Go

    When we talk about radiant heat, most people think of miles of PEX tubing and tons of concrete. This type of radiant heat is commonly known as in-floor heating, although it can be done many different ways. It can be installed in the floor, on top of the floor, or stapled up underneath the floor. Even though this is a great way to heat, it can be very expensive and usually needs to be installed at the time of construction.

    I'd like to introduce you to another style of radiant heat that hasn't had as much recognition as the rest- Radiant Tube Heaters.

    SPS Radiant Heater

    There are several styles of radiant tube heaters for applications ranging from patio heating to large commercial buildings. Next time you are shopping at Lowe's or Home Depot, look up. In most cases, you will find some sort of radiant tube heater along with infrared heaters at all the entrances and exits.

    Radiant heaters are considered to be "the economical alternative for hard to heat spaces," according to SunStar Heating Products.

    The biggest advantage of radiant tube heaters is that they heat objects from the ground up including the floor, people, and basically any object within the space. This can be ideal, especially for buildings that have overhead doors that are constantly opening and closing.

    Because they're heating objects, heat is then transferred to the space for a very comfortable feel at the floor level. Whereas other convection style heaters basically warm the air and blow it around the space. And as everybody knows, heat rises and ends up at the ceiling which really isn't very efficient when you have large spaces to be heated.

    Heating Comparison

    As stated above, there are a variety of applications for this kind of system and SunStar Heating Products has a solution for all of them. Here are a couple of the most common models:

    SIU Radiant Heater

    SIS/SIU: This is a pull-through unit utilizing a draft inducer for exhaust and can be configured as a straight tube or u-tube style heater.

    General Features

    • 6 different BTU sizes and more than 60 different configurations to custom design your infrared heating systems
    • CSA design certified
    • Available in natural and propane gas
    • Optional elbows and corner reflectors
    • Optional decorative grille
    • Sidewall or through the roof venting
    • Vented or indirect vented operation

    Sunstar is running a Installation Rebate now through November 30, 2019. You can get more information here.

    So, next time you have that tough building to heat, call your Tarantin Industries sales representative. We'll help you design a radiant tube heating system that will provide the results you are looking for and will be sure to satisfy your customer.

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